Market Analysis:

-  It is definitely a good time to buy. Interest 
   rates are at an all-time-low, and the market has
   increased 20% in the last year.  We are expecting        another 7% increase between 2014 and 2015.  Now      is the perfect time to    find your dream home at a        price worth smiling at.

Check out the values of homes in the area you would like to live by accessing the following Multiple Listing Service web site on my SEARCH page --


Moving Tips:
-  Decide whether you want to use a professional              mover or go with a rental service and move yourself. 
-  Develop a list of all those who need to know your 
    new address and phone number such as:

- Bank - and Mortgagor
- Credit Cards
- Friends and Family
- Current Utility Companies
- New Utility Companies
- Insurance Company

And remember you need these to close escrow:

- Home Insurance Policy
- Owner's Title Insurance
- Home Warranty Policy (optional)

Buyer’s Resources:

Prior to the search for a home, today more than ever,
you need to be qualified by a lender - whether a bank or a mortgage broker.

To determine what your monthly payment would be at the interest rates you are quoted, click here.

Local Service and Amenities

When considering a new home, you will want to check out the local school district, parks and recreation facilities and the utility services. Once your new home is chosen, your agent will assist you in gathering the information you need.

Seller’s Resources

- Overview of the Buying & Selling Process
- Preparing Your Home Through The Eyes Of A Buyer
- Repair & Cleaning Checklist
- Possible Work Orders
- What To Do While Your House Is Being Shown
- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

​Find what your house is worth in today's market 
by accessing the following web site:


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